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New products

Gray Archery Barebow Inspection Ring
An inspection ring from Gray Archery. Made with a 122 millimeter inside diameter to measure whether your barebow is allowed within the World Archery Rules.Specifications Gray Archery Barebow Inspection RingMaterial: Aluminum9.3 millimeter hole for the maximum permitted arrow diameter9.4 millimeter hole for the maximum permitted point diameter20, 40 and 60 millimeter measuring slots ul>
Buck Trail Deluxe Bow Quiver
The Deluxe Bow Quiver by Buck Trail is made of beautiful leather. This arrow quiver can be easily mounted to your bow with the adjustable strap-on belts. Besides the fact that the quiver holds up to six arrows, it is available in all kinds of cool colors. Specifications Buck Trail Deluxe Bow Quiver: Mount: Strap-on Foam color: Black Material: Leather
Easton X10 Nock Collar
An aluminum Nock collar for the X10 and X10 ProTour. To protect the back of your arrows.Easton X10 Nock CollarMaterial : AluminumDiameter: #1(X10), #2(ProTour 670, 720 & 770), #3(ProTour 520, 570 & 620), #4(ProTour 420 & 470) and #5(ProTour 340 & 380)
Easton X10 ProTour Aluminium Carbon ID3.2 Shaft
Please note, due to the complex nature of this product, a certain configuration may have a longer delivery time. Therefore, please contact us for current delivery times before placing an order. This is to avoid disappointment. The ultimate compound competition shaft. Made from an aluminum core with High-modulus carbon on the outside. The X10 ProTour shaft tapers in diameter at the front, which means that the front is thinner than the back. The variation in diameter creates a stiffer spine at the back of the arrow for more accurate long-distance shots.Specifications Easton X10 ProTour Aluminum Carbon ID3.2 Shaft: Material: 7075 Aluminum core with High-modulus carbon Inner diameter: 3.2mm / 0.125inchStraightness tolerance: ±.001"Weight tolerance: ±0.5 grains per dozenQuantity: Per 12 SpineWeightGPIOuter diameterInchesShaft lengthInchesFront trim maxInchesNock PinPuntNock collar3408.8.213347.0#2All#53808.4.207347.0#2All#54208.0.20233.756.5#2All#44707.6.19833.56.0#2All#45207.3.194325.5#2All#35706.9.191315.0#2All#36206.7.188304.5#2All#36706.5.186294.0#2All#27206.2.18329No Limit#2All#27706.0.18129No Limit#2All#2
Easton X10 Ballistic Tungsten Break-off Points - 12 Points
Tungsten points from Easton for all X10 and X10 Protour shafts.The advantage of the metal Tungsten is its higher density. This provides more mass in a smaller volume. This makes the point shorter, giving the shaft more room to bend.Specifications Easton X10 Ballistic tungsten Break-off PointsMaterial: Tungsten Diameter: 3.2mmWeight: 120 grains or 140 grainsQuantity: Per 12
Easton X10 Stainless Steel Break-off Points - 12 Pieces
The stainless steel version of the X10 point. Suitable for all X10 and X10 Protour shafts.Specifications Easton X10 Stainless Steel Break-off Point Material: Stainless steelDiameter: 3.2mm Weight: 80-100 grains and 100-120 grainsQuantity: Per 12

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