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New products

DBS Premium String Silencer Wool
These handmade string silencers are a very good addition to any traditional bow! These Silencers make any bow as silent as a mouse and they are available in several colors. Because they are made of real wool, they absorb almost no water and they remain nice and round in the rain.The Silencers come in a set of two.
WNS Black Wolf ILF Recurve Riser
Features WNS Black Wolf ILF Recurve Riser: Material: Carbon Fitting: ILFWeight: 1133 gramsLength: 17 inch LH or RH Available in various colors
WNS Black Elk ILF Recurve Limbs
Features WNS Black Elk ILF Recurve Limbs: Length: 62inch (at a 21inch riser)Fitting: ILFDraw weight: 35 to 65lbs, increments of 5lbs Colors: Black and Camo (Camo special order only)Measured at a 21 inch Riser
WNS Black Elk ILF Recurve Riser
Features WNS Black Elk ILF Recurve Riser: Material: Aluminum Length: 21 inchFitting: ILFWeight: 1000 gramsRH or LH Available in various colors
WNS Black Wolf ILF Recurve Limbs
Features Winners (WNS) Black Wolf ILF Recurve Limbs: Material: Foam and CarbonDraw Weight: 35 to 65lbs, increments of 5lbsSizes: Short, Medium and Long Colors: Black or CamoMeasured on a 17inch Riser
Avalon Classic Tab Finger Spacer
Features Avalon Classic Tab Finger Spacer: Material: Rubber Replacement piece Available in multiple colors

Dutch Bow Store

Visit our shop with indoor Shooting Range in Wageningen!

Are you looking for an archery shop that offers the whole package? Stop searching! At Dutch Bow Store you'll find everything: bows, arrows, targets and accessories. 

Dutch Bow Store offers a wide range of products for archers on all levels, from the absolute beginner to experienced archers. We are expanding our range of products on a daily basis and keep looking for new and/or exclusive products. We offer expert advice on all aspects of archery supplies within our range. 

Our main focus is to help everybody. - Are you thinking about starting archery? - Just picked up your first bow?
- Want to make the next step in archery?
- Need help selecting arrows?
- Or anything else? 
Feel free to contact us with your questions, we are more then happy to help you select the right products! 

We are not only supplying individual archers but we are also specialized in helping archery clubs, leisure companies and schools with their archery needs..