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New products

Häago Handwarmers Multi-Pack 10
The Only Hot Handwarmers keep your hands nice and warm during a day out in the cold. Put them in your coat or trouser pocket and keep your hands warm during a cold day of archery. As soon as you open the packaging the warmers are activated and stay warm for a minimum of 7 hours. The handwamers come in a pair and can be opened individually. Warmers are for single use only. How does it work? The warmers contain only natural minerals: iron, vermiculite, carbon and salt water. These react, after opening the vacuum, with the oxygen in the air. This will result in direct warmth. Only Hot is THE brand in heating pads. The pads are produced by the Japanese manufacturer MYcoal who, with their 100 years long experience in devoloping mediacal heath pads and regular heath pads, are world leader in this market. Mycoal heath pads to distinguish itselves from others by their unprecedented high quality en garuanteed safety. In addition they are 100% natural, non-toxic, hypo allergen and odorless. In Europe the pads are distibuted under the name Only Hot®. They are very well known in countries like Italy, Germany, Austria and Denmark. Multi-pack of 10 sets handwarmers
Hoyt Altus 38 HBT 2023 Compound Bow
The Hoyt Altus 2023 is an all-round competition compound bow for both target and 3D shooters. It is packed with new Hoyt techniques, but for a fraction of the price of top models. HBT Cam The all-new HBT Cam System incorporates the biggest changes Hoyt has made to a Cam in the last 20 years. For example, the draw length can be set in 0.25 inch increments, the let-off can be set in 65, 70 or 75% and you can choose between a hard or softer "Wall" and all this in 1 Cam. The HBT Cam gives speed and optimal customization options for every shooting style. Features HBT Cam: - Draw length range 24.5 - 28" (Cam #1) 28.5 - 31" (Cam #2) - Draw length adjustments in 0.25" increments - Adjustable let-off of 65, 70 or 75% - Adjustable Wall – hard or soft Improved riser design and Competition Performance Grip The riser is made of aluminum that is also used in aircraft construction. Special tunnels have been placed on the top and bottom to generate extra stiffness and more stability, so that every shot can be even more accurate. The grip has a narrow and comfortable design that ensures less torsion and this in turn ensures more consistency, every shot again. Specifications Hoyt Altus 38 HBT 2023 Draw length:24.5 - 28" (Cam #1) or 28.5 - 31" (Cam #2) Draw weight: 30-40, 40-50, 50-60 or 60-70# Weight: 2177 gram ATA speed: 319 fps Axle to Axle: 38.25 inch Brace Height: 7.375 inch Material: Aluminum Cam Type: HBT Finish: Matte Limb Type: Q Colors: Smoke Gray, Lava Red, Electric Blue or Pitch Black Due to the complex nature of this item stock levels may vary. Please contact us for availability prior to ordering. The 10% online discount does not apply to this product
Skylon ID5.2 Insert T-7075 Aluminium (X-size)
Glue-in inserts for the Skylon ID5.2 shafts. With these inserts you can apply screw-in points to an ID 5.2mm shaft. All spines have there own diameter inserts to ensure a perfect fit. Perfect in combination with a 9/32 diameter screw-in point. Spines and sizes:- Spine 300: OD6.95- Spine 350: OD 6.80- Spine 400: OD 6.55- Spine 500: OD 6.45- Spine 600: OD 6.30- Spine 700: OD 6.20
From €1.25
Skylon ID3.2 Tungsten Break-off Points - 12 pack
Set of 12 Tungsten points for the Skylon shafts with an inner diameter (ID) of 3.2mm. These would be the following shafts: Skylon Paragon, Skylon Precium, Skylon Performa, Skylon Preminens. These points come in  100, 120 of 140 grains (depends on the spine) and can be broken down to the desired weight with two blocks of 10 grain.Available in a 12pack only. Available weights: - Spine 350: 100-120 grain & 120-140 graim- Spine 400-450: 100-120 grain & 120-140 grain- Spine 500-600: 100-120 grain - Spine 650-800: 80-100 grain
Hot Shot Vapor Thumb Release
The Vapor is designed with the bowhunter in mind who wants a handheld release without all the bells and whistles. Also suitable for the 3-D course, no quality was sacrificed to reach the affordable price point. Pure trigger crispness, silence, and overall simplicity make the Vapor a natural choice for bowhunters who insist on a top quality release. Specifications Hot Shot Vapor Thumb Release Fully adjustable trigger tension. Auto-close hook, with no cocking mechanism. Complete silence during the hook up, and at the shot. Match grade trigger crispness for improved accuracy. Cat’s Eye hook design ensures a torque free release from the D-loop. Multi-Axis thumb barrel rotation ensures unlimited adjustment for perfect fit in your hand. Additional surface area at the fingers reduces finger fatigue, even after hours of shooting. Available in 3-Finger and 4-Finger model
Avalon Tec One Barebow Fingertab
Deluxe Avalon Tec One Barebow tab with extra features. For the serious barebow archer.Available in 5 sizes, XS to XLBoth in left and right handed version.Slick prime cow leather to ensure a consistent release. Very snug backing leather for perfect hold.Distinctive laser engraved markings to aid in your string walking. Black anodized aluminum frame. Highly adjustable barebow tab with lots of configurations possible. Adjustable finger loop. Adjustable pink ledge. Adjustable finger spacer.

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