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About Archery

Archery is a popular sport and is growing in popularity every day.

Archery as an event

Archery is a special experience: Mind, body, technique and the bow work together as one to get the arrow into the target. Shooting with a bow is an exciting experience!

Archery as a sport

Boogschieten is een zeer uitdagende sport! Vaak begin je met een recurve boog. Voordat je een eigen boog gaat kopen, is het verstandig om je door ons te laten adviseren over de aanschaf van een boog. Een goede beginnersboog hoeft helemaal niet duur te zijn. Het is wel belangrijk dat je direct de juiste lengte en het juiste trekgewicht kiest. Wij helpen je graag op weg zodat je de juiste materialen krijgt. Je kunt altijd langskomen in onze handboog winkel voor een vrijblijvend en goed advies.

Archery Clubs

There are many archery clubs in the Netherlands where you can practice archery. At the moment archery is so popular that many archery clubs have a waiting list. Therefore, inform yourself well before you register. After the basic course you can also participate in competitions. During the basic course you will learn all the correct techniques you need to be able to shoot properly and safely. The basic course lasts a few weeks, how much depends on the training program of the club in question.


Everyone in the Netherlands is allowed to own a bow. You can't just shoot with a bow everywhere. Archery is not allowed on public land. You are however allowed to shoot on your own property, such as in your backyard or in a shielded location, provided it can be done safely. If you are going to transport a bow, it must not be ready for use. It is therefore advisable to transport your bow in a bag or suitcase. Hunting with a bow is not allowed in the Netherlands.

What do you need?

In order to be able to shoot well, you might also need an armguard in addition to a bow and arrows. A finger tab or glove is also recommended to be able to shoot safely and to protect your fingers from chafing the tendon. The most important and most forgotten is a good target. To be able to shoot at home without breaking your arrows or your fence, you need a good target. Targets come in all shapes and sizes. We are happy to advise you which archery target best suits your bow.