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Archery Tag / Archery Attack

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Archery Tag® or Archery Attack is the game that has been gaining popularity for several years now! It is the exciting combination of dodgeball and archery. Archery is extremely popular in the Netherlands thanks to films such as Arrow, The Hunger Games and books such as "De Grijze Jager". Take advantage of the popularity of this new phenomenon as an leisure company, campsite or activity center!

What is Archery Tag® or Archery Attack

It is actually a kind of dodgeball but with a bow and arrow. With a bow and arrow with special arrows they shoot at each other! These arrows are made in such a way that you do not hurt each other and can therefore safely shoot at each other. You do need a mask that is similar to a paintball mask to prevent arrows from hitting the face. In addition, we recommend that you maintain a minimum distance of 6/7 meters between the shooters. By setting out a course and installing obstacles you can make this game even more fun and exciting!

What do you need?

The bow
We offer a bow for adults and for children especially for this sport. This unbreakable and maintenance-free bow is suitable for left-handers and right-handers, which in turn saves on the purchase of the number of bows.

Because you shoot at each other you need safe arrows. Our arrows are made of special materials that make it safe. The tips have been replaced by thick foam rubber caps in combination with a springy rubber part. This considerably reduces the impact of the arrow. We do recommend that you observe the minimum distance of 6/7 meters

To protect the face and eyes, we offer a special type of adjustable face masks that are suitable for both adults and children! These masks protect the eyes and face.

To get started safely with Archery Tag®/Archery Attack, it is also important to use arm guards. These protectors ensure that you don't get bruised if the bow string hits your forearm when shooting the arrow.

Do you want to know which items are the best to buy to safely deal with Archery Tag®/Archery Attack? Then please contact us and we're happy to help.