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Port Orford Cedar Shafts Premium 32 inch



Shaft length
Let us cut your shafts to size. We guarantee a straight cut and all shafts the same exact lenght.
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Product information "Port Orford Cedar Shafts Premium 32 inch"

Cedar shafts of the highest quality, Port Orford cedar has always the preference of many traditional top archers. There is no wooden shaft that can measure up to the qualities of Port Orford cedar. They are strong, elastic and have the perfect weight/spine ratio.


  • Sizes: 5/16 or 11/32
  • Length: 32 inch

Natural product
Because wood is a natural product, the wooden shafts differ from each other, in inner and outer characteristics mostly but but barely in diameter. For example, not all shafts are equally as straight, or stiff or heavy. The spine size is also not always the same, because of this wooden shafts are classified and sorted into categories with a margin of 5 lbs. To produce as many equal shafts all shafts are spined, checked on tears and breaks and aligned by hand.

We deliver shafts in full length, 32 inch. For many people this is to long and the shaft will have to be shortened. For a small fee of €0,10 per shaft we will shorten your shafts to you desired length. We use a special sawing machine where we can be accurate to the millimeter.

For even better shooting results, we can sort the shafts by weight within a margin of one gram. We do this in groups of maximum 12 shafts. If you want more, we will divide it into groups whose weights are as close as possible to each other.

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